The First Steps

A new feature to the nWoD system is the addition of race. Usually with World of Darkness you play one class and determine what specializations you want to make. i.e. you play Vampire all players are Vampires and they are made custom by deciding what covenant and clan they are a part of. Warcraft uses a race/class system much like D&D, however I did not want to use a d20 based system for this game, so I made some modifications.

Long story short the first step in character creation is choosing your race. What race you chose will also determine what factions you belong to and where you will begin your prelude.

The Races of Azeroth


Human – Self centered and egocentric, but still quite the smooth talkers.

Dwarf – Basically Yosemite Sam, but Scottish.

Gnome – Tiny, cute, easily punted across entire maps.

Night Elf“For the last time, I am not going to dance naked on top of that mail box.”

Draenai – Strong, like bull.


Undead – Not as bad as the mindless flesh eating kind, and not nearly as sexually androgynous as the fanged kind.

Tauren – Strong, exactly like bull.

Orc – Big, strong, and dumb enough to stand in front of a rampaging group of vicious rabid wolves.

Troll“This? Nah, mon, is herbal. I swear.”

Blood Elf“Yes, I am a male Blood Elf and yes, I am straight.”

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