Professions are a pre-requisite to obtaining resources. Your character must have a way of earning income. There are two types of professions, Gathering and Crafting. Gathering professions are a simple way to earn resources. For every dot you purchase in a gathering profession you may purchase as many in resources. These are bought separately, and are purchased at the normal merit experience cost. For Example:

Terra Has decided to take on the profession of Skinning. She has 10 experience to work with. She purchases two dots in Skinning which costs her 6xp. (2 for the first dot and 4 for the second.) She may now purchase resources. While she may purchase up to resources two, she only has 4xp left. (yes, that means 10-6=4) She is only able purchase one dot of resources for 2xp.

Crafting professions work a bit differently, each dot you purchase in a crafting profession grants you access to recipes of that level. For each level your purchase you are given one free recipe and the others are purchased separately at 1x the new dot. For example:

Terra has chosen to take on a secondary profession in Tailoring. She has 4xp to work with. She purchases one dot in Tailoring for 2xp and uses her free recipe dot to obtain the recipe for “Simple Kilt”, she may now use her remaining 2xp to purchase up to 2 additional one dot recipes.

On each of the pages for the Crafting professions is a list of what recipes are available at each level. The list given is only an example of what is out there and what is possible to be made. Crafters are talented artists and may even come up with their own recipes. To create your own recipe first decide on what it is you wish to create, then discuss it with the Story Teller to determine what level the recipe would be.

Gathering Professions

Skinning – Make sure you bring a knife, skinning with your teeth might not turn out as tasty are you imagine.

Herbalism – For medicinal use only, please.

Mining“Depleting a natural resource? Relax, it’ll respawn in a few.”

Crafting Professions

Alchemy“No, I am not on a quest to create a philosopher’s stone.

Blacksmithing“Oooh, shiny”

Enchanting – Make it stronger, bigger, harder….no this is not an add for Viagra.

Engineering – The gadgets and do-dads of the middle ages.

Incription“Yes, some of us are literate.”

Jewelcrafting“Yes, I am a straight, male Blood Elf that happens to enjoy a finely crafted jewel, why is this so hard for you people?”

Leatherworking – Not as kinky as it sounds.

Tailoring”...and I sew…but I am still male and strah…ah, forget it…”

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