After Deciding on a race, the next step is to choose your primary class. You will also be able to choose a secondary class once your reach level 5 in your primary.

Each class has three paths, you must also choose one of these paths for your character. Each path has a set of powers associated with it and these are purchased at 5x the new dot for your primary class and 7x the new dot for your secondary class. Powers from the other paths within your class are also open to the player and may be purchased at 6x the new dot for primary class and 8x the new dot for your secondary class. For Example:

Tarra is a Night Elf Druid and has chosen the Balance path, powers from the elemental path will cost her 5x the new dot, but she would like to also purchase some of the powers from the Restoration path, these may be purchased at 6x the new dot. Terra has also chosen to duel class as a Mage, and she has decided to follow the Arcane path, these powers may be purchased at 7x the new dot. She would also like to purchase a power from the Frost path, this will cost her 8x the new dot.


Depending on what class and path you choose, your character will gain a +1 to a skill associated with their power. For Example: Terra is a Night Elf Druid, she has chosen the Balance path, this grants her a +1 to her occult, now anytime she uses occult as part of a power or skill check she will roll one extra die.

Below are the various classes with links to their page which has a more detailed explanation as well as games mechanics. Remember, there are no Race/Class restrictions, so you make pick whatever you like!

Druid – Casting, healing, warm and fuzzy – whatever you’re in the mood for.

Hunter“Hand to hand? Gah! My cat will viciously claw at it’s legs while I stand waaay back here and fire small projectiles.”

Mage“Wait, where did you get this muffin? You…you pulled out of what now?”

Paladin – Brute strength coupled with an overwhelming sense of justice.

Priest“No, sir, I believe you are the one that is ‘fail’ for I do not see how you will be resurrecting yourself.”

Rouge – Yeah, yeah we all know where they do it from…

Shaman – Casting, healing, fiery death – whatever you’re in the mood for.

Warlock“What do you mean unnatural? My succubus and I have a perfectly normal relationship….oh you mean these whip marks? Yeah…no idea.”

Warrior – Two words : Meat Sheild

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