Not the most social...and what's the deal with his Succubus?


Name: Alexander
Age in relative human terms: 25
Sex: Male
Race: Blood Elf
Primary Class: Warlock
Primary Class Level: 6
Primary Path: Demonology
Secondary Class: None
Primary Profession: Herbalism
Secondary Profession: Alchemy
Known Titles: Master of the Succubus; High Alchemist of the Sin’dorei
Weapons : Staff of Jordan
Armor: Darkwater Robes


Alexander is a honored member of the Sin’dorei by title alone, despite his merits and incredible skill as both a Demonologist and an Alchemist he still seems to be a social outcast amongst the other Blood Elves. His closest companion is Daxtia, his succubus. The two seem to have a rather, uh…close relationship.

Alexander also seems to have a bit of a problem with focus. Unless extremely passionate about something, he often tends to lose interest and is prone to powerful fits of day dreaming. He has found one thing to keep his attention however, and that is the banning of Warlock training and practices by the Alliance. Alexander has taken up teaching young and eager members of the Alliance, as he sees this new decree as extremely offensive. After all, what is so terribly evil about summoning demons from the underworld?


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