What’s the Deal?

Okay, here’s the lowdown. This is a World of Warcraft pen and paper RPG. I read the “official” book and hated it. So, I adapted it into the nWoD system. There’s lots of custom content and the kinks are still being worked out. Working on getting all the custom data published and the character sheets made. Once it’s all finished game can begin! Right now we are looking at a launch date of about mid august – pending a few test runs and character gens. Will keep y’all posted.

Custom Content?

Well, I had to adapt the WoW verse into the nWoD system – so yeah some tweeking needed to be done. All your favorite races and classes will be there, there are no race/class restrictions and I have even implemented a way to duel class! Yay! I am still working on the profession system, but I think I have got it figured.

What about Factions?

Not to worry my little pretties. I have that taken care of too, and yes you may start as either Horde or Alliance – story line will bring you together! Also fun note, I am going to include neutral factions and well as a guild system with ranks and stuff! Status will play a big role for factions, races and guilds.

The Plot Line.

Do you know everything there is to know about Warcraft? Got all the books, read ‘em twice? Love the storyline? Do you have every word memorized? Well that’s great…but I don’t, so forget everything you know, because this is MY Azeroth.

Dark Azeroth